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We design or redesign your website for your marketing strategy.

Your Website can distinguish you from your competitors with our Website design. Establishing a Website or Web Presence is the most cost effective way to market your business. It is the best marketing tool available today, broader and less expensive than advertising on any Cable, TV Radio or print media. Establishing a Website, Website redesigning or Website optimizing will mean business for your business.

By Establishing your Website with us, you will get the personal attention you deserve. We have superior experience designing Websites for a variety of businesses, with proven results. Professional Website design, professional Website redesign, Website development, e-commerce, forms, and FLASH for example. A Search Engine Optimized Website design for your business will help your business grow, and satisfying you is our commitment. Let us establish a Website for you.

Website Design: We can create and design a new Website for you. We're big enough to get your several pages of your Website online in 20 hours or less with prepared text in electronic form. We will put a link to your site's address on one of our pages. The sooner you establish your Web presence, the sooner you can expand and internationalize your marketing efforts.

Website Redesign: Seemless Website redesign, available for previewing on our site if desired.

Why have a Website? Your Website is the least expensive way to let everyone know about your products and services. Compared to print media, your site can be updated anytime, and is available to anyone with Internet access. Professional coding with Search Engine Optimization will result in people finding you before your competitors (see Website Design Results, SEI Inc., below).

Establishing a Website: We do all the work, from supplying a list of site names to setting up your site online. Contact us today, and you can establish your web presence (your Website) usually on the same business day.


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Advertise here, $99 per year, up to a 300 X 300 pixel ad, placement on a First come First position basis.

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The above prices are for this page only, and all ads are "hot-linked" to your website. Flashing and waving ads are not permitted.

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Website Design Results:

Testwave LLC reports $350 to $1000 per week new sales after we redesigned their Website, or 100 percent ROI every one or two weeks, as reported by the company President. Using the search words calibration and test equipment sales, Testwave is number 1 on: Google (out of 190,000 pages), Yahoo (out of 99,600 pages), AOL (out of 6,621), Mamma (out of 59), Excite (out of 74) and A9; #2 on: Search and Lycos (out of 30,618); and number 3 on: Altavista (out of 160,000), MSN (out of 30,6180) and Alltheweb (out of 67,527 pages), as of July 8, 2004. Using the search words hipot calibration Testwave is #1 on: Google (out of 8,250), Yahoo (out of 9,720), Altavista (out of 9,730), MSN (out of 1,284), Lycos (out of 1,297) and Search as of July 15, 2004.

We can establish or redesign your website no matter where you are, anywhere in the world!
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Existing Website Design Details:

Note: Fluid is the web pages' ability to fill the screen no matter what size or resolution the monitor is.Sample Web pages.

Testwave LLC. (21 pages)

Testwave staff is now modifying the site.

This Page: Single column top, two column body, top column and right body column fluid, page blend is used on www.dwgt.net/ pages.

Establishing a Website & What We Do For You:

At the link below, you will find approximate pricing and details of our service capabilities from new Website design, hosting, domain and hosting transfer, Search Engine Optimization, and E-mail.

Establishing a Website

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